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dr-iggyflynn asked:

May I request an OC Sketch? of my Scientist Character from Black Mesa, he's furry though that ok? >////<

of course that’s just fine! :0 i love drawing furries!

this blog is on slight hold for the month as i’m moving to the other side of the country, but feel free to send me a ref and i’ll get you on the list ovo


Anonymous asked:

if we don't have money to pay you for a colored picture, do we have permission to color them ourselves??

oooo yeah go for it! you can do anything you want with the art (anything that isn’t claiming the sketch as yours anyway)

koichisteals asked:

AW DANG my request has been lost to the ages due to your list wipe. I did it eeearly in your blog's life. Mind if I toss another in? :y

OHH yeah sorry about that, i just didn’t know if any of those people would still want anything drawn and there was like 60 people there so i didn’t wanna ask them all omg

no problem, request away friend!

6877yiuhkjhf67 asked:

ahh sorry I didn't know we had to include a name. It's Gil. and by bootkind I mean like, he kicks things and stuff. sorry ><

omg it’s alright, thanks for letting me know!!

actually this is a general note to everyone, providing the name of your character is preferred and helps when posting sketches and making my list!

theman-with-theplan asked:

ok, so I was just wondering, what exactly do you mean by a fancharacter? like a character that we make up or like a favorite character from a show/book/movie? sorry just a little confused haha

characters that you make up! usually what dictates a fancharacter is one that you make to go in a universe of a series you enjoy, or a character made from someone else’s species.
i.e. people making fantrolls from homestuck. ponies from mlp. off fancharacters… just character you make yourself.

although i don’t mind drawing original characters or any characters in general 


Anonymous asked:

Ahhh! This is really nice of you to do!

ah thank you for saying that! it’s actually a winwin situation since i enjoy drawing these things anyway hehe *u*

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